Backgammon Classic

Backgammon Classic 7.2

Play backgammon online against people across the world

Backgammon Classic is based on neural networks algorithms and allows you to play against computer at different levels. You can also play and chat with your friends all over the world via an internet connection.

Selectable skin, game or match play, statistical information, save/load a game, doubling cube, several playing styles are a few of our backgammon features.

Backgammon Classic


Backgammon Classic 7.2

User reviews about Backgammon Classic

  • guyfawlkes

    by guyfawlkes

    "Game taught me alot, it still cheats with bad programming"

    The game cheats. Statistically the scenarios are impossible, Math does not lie. More.

    reviewed on March 7, 2016

  • The Dice Tumbler

    by The Dice Tumbler

    "If you're masochistic and love being cheated, here's your game."

    All of these versions have one thing in common: dishonesty. The game controls the contest, allowing you to win now and t... More.

    reviewed on August 16, 2014

  • Deaconblues

    by Deaconblues

    "You can only play 10 times for free, then you have to pay $20 if you keep t"

    You can only play 10 times for free, then you have to pay $20 if you keep the game. More.

    reviewed on December 25, 2013

  • bryce.everest

    by bryce.everest

    "When playing the computer, the computer cheats"

    I have played several games, and have noticed the odd pattern suggestive of a "cheat" as previously co... More.

    reviewed on January 27, 2013

  • "Backgammon Classic 7"

    I agree with the 'idontwanna' while learning the Backgammon game it appears good value for $20. I've uninstalled it. More.

    reviewed on August 8, 2012

  • idontwanna

    by idontwanna

    "This Game Cheats"

    I have played thousands of games with this software. It cheats! There's nothing more frustrating than playing a good gam... More.

    reviewed on May 22, 2012